Wednesday, December 19, 2012

aaaaaand, we're back.

Just in time for the end of the world apparently.  It's been a while.  My name is Scott Pontoni; mechanical engineer, self-taught photographer, rider of bicycles, and seeker of adventure.

New blog name: The Next Wilderness

This blog has two siblings. One, buttered handlebars, will revolve around bike stuff that most people will not care about. The other one is anonymous. Holler if you want to see it.

This is essentially a reincarnation of The Game.  A different part of life begs for a different blog. A new chapter. Still playing the game but the rules have changed a bit. The Game was subtly about life in college. It was about balancing engineering schoolwork and playtime.  I created that blog almost 4 years ago as a creative "out".  Never did I imagine it would last so long or bring so much good to me.  Now, the real world is knocking on the door.  I thought I'd answer it with another blog.

Picked up this little bad boy at a trade show a few months ago.  Laser cut wood. Neat! Somewhere on there it says the world will end in two days. We'd better go do the things we love and spend time with the people we care about. Wait, isn't that every day?

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